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Freelance writer
Freelance writer
I have always eschewed the conventional and favoured the road less traveled.
By all accounts, my Honours Arts degree from the University of Toronto was supposed to lead me to the safe, secure but predictable life of a school teacher.
After all, what else would one -- and a woman no less --  do with a double major in English and French literature and a minor in Spanish?
Instead, I caught a highly infectious, serious bout of the travel bug whilst living in France for a year, and decided to put my language skills and gagillion-dollar degree to good use: I became a flight attendant with Air Canada so I could get paid to travel the world.
Though travel I did, I knew there was more to life 
than foil-wrapped chicken and lukewarm tomato juice.
So I decided to leap full-force into an old, childhood dream of becoming a print journalist, and went back to school for a post-grad program at Humber College where I completed a two-year program in journalism: I would fly to London on the weekend for work, and go to school on the weekdays.
I have worked in some of Canada's biggest newsrooms -- The Toronto Star and The Toronto Sun -- as a general assignment reporter where I covered breaking national and international news.
Highlights of my news coverage include the
release of schoolgirl killer Karla Homolka, and the gruesome slaying of a Toronto-area couple at a posh Mexican resort for which I appeared on CNN's TV program Nancy Grace as a commentator.
I also covered the defeat of Senator John McCain in the last  U.S. election in Phoenix, Ariz., along with countless other domestic elections in Canada.
For two years, I produced a weekly, national environmental column for Sun Media, Green Planet, in addition to lifestyle  features and  major, multi-day investigative series looking at subjects like the myth of water abundance in Canada, and the physiological and sociological effects of online social networking sites on young people.
My writing has gained a faithful following, for its clarity, wit, thoughtfulness and ability to engage.
Currently, I am a regular freelance lifestyle contributor and published photographer for Canada's biggest newspaper publication, The Toronto Star.

(Above photo taken at a cafe in Paris)

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