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Most Beautiful Cities

Published online at www.msn.ca, August, 2010.

Cities most beautiful men and women

This list is in no way complete or scientific. We know. Nor is it representative of the many colours, shapes and sizes of beautiful people out there in the world. It’s true. But in order to narrow down the list of the world’s sexiest hotspots for beautiful men and women, we asked ourselves this one question: which cities have the sexiest people per capita in the world? That’s to say, if we were to round up random crowds in a street, which cities would have the most attractive people in the group? You think your city made it? Read on.

 Most beautiful women

Montreal, Canada

We start our list at home, as we would be remiss to neglect our homegrown belles when cataloguing the cities with the most beautiful ladies. Women here are different from the rest of their Canadian sisters: their faces are always expertly painted, their hair coiffed in that sexy, just-got-out-of-bed tousled look, and their ensembles en vogue to the latest trends and effortlessly chic — though we all know each outfit is planned with precision and care. Dingy grey sweats are not in their closet repertoire — not even for the nip out to the corner store — and no expense is spared to look their best. The upkeep is admirable. Bravo les filles, bravo!

Miami, Florida

This is where bikini bodies come to lie. The city’s a magnet for the young and the beautiful as it’s a hub for some of the world’s most elite modeling agencies. That may explain why there’s a disproportionate number of unnaturally tall, tanned, lean, and impressively buxomly ladies — with great hair to boot. Clothing is nothing more than a nuisance here under the Miami sun, freeing women to strip down to their skivvies, making ogling is a spectator sport.

Tel Aviv, Israel

A young city with a thriving, dynamic night life makes Tel Aviv a hot spot for sexy dames.They’re known for their striking good looks: exotic green eyes set against copper-toned skin and manes of glossy dark hair. The city’s clubbing culture pulses with  sexual energy. Naturally, in that primeval mating game of cat and mouse, the hunter and hunted, ladies here step up their game so that they can out-sexy their female competition — but not in a sleazy way. They’ve perfected the art of merging class, with just the right amount of skin. Sexpots here know it’s sexier to leave the rest up to the imagination.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

All hail to the ancestral home of the goddess divine, Gisele Bundchen. In North America, this uber-model may be an anomaly with her sun-kissed, wavy blond tresses, mile-long legs and come-hither blue eyes, but back home, Gisele lookalikes are a 10 centavos a dozen. Described as the world capital for cosmetic surgery, Rio is where women seek perfection — and by consequence, where you’ll find it as well. Even the most respectably attractive woman may find themselves feeling like a troll on these beaches, so be forewarned.

Stockholm, Sweden

For those who like their ladies tall, blond and buxomly, Stockholm is for you. Unlike Rio, Miami and even Tel Aviv, the majority of these girls don’t come in all colours, shapes or sizes. No, here the ladies are predominantly silvery blond and blue-eyed with fine features and svelte bodies. Still need a visual? Think Tiger Woods’ ex, Elin Nordegren, or former bombshell blond supermodel Vendela Kirsebom. It’s California meets Scandinavia —  only they’re real blonds. And for a city that sits on the 59th parallel, these girls come unusually bronzed, courtesy of the plethora of tanning salons in the city.

Most beautiful men

Vancouver, B.C.

This is a tribute to our west-end boys. By no means is it a dead end world (homage to the Pet Shop Boys) especially when it comes to hunky, buff, athletic men made sexy by mountain fresh air. Like their surroundings, they’re interchangeable depending on the occasion: west coast boys tend to be outdoorsy and rugged by day, and then can transform to become dashingly debonair by night. Think Ryan Reynolds, his cut six-pack, and his typically Canadian, down-to-earth personality. He does a body good.

Madrid, Spain

It’s the whole, smoldering Spaniard thing that gets us every time. And after the Spanish team’s resounding victory at the FIFA World Cup this year, you can bet that women from around the world were swooning over their prowess on the field — and imagining what they’re like off of it. Was Don Juan, that legendary, libertine lover who seduced and satisfied hundreds, nay thousands of loveless women, not from Espana? There’s a reason cliches like “latin lover” stick, Dios mio...

Milan, Italy

As long as we’re in the area, we might as well scooch over to Italia where we find arguably the best dressed, most elegant men in the world. They take pride in their sartorial threads, draping themselves in native designers like Prada and Dolce and Gabanna and it shows. Italian men have a certain swagger about them, a confidence that borders on arrogance. But in the immortal words of Beyonce, “He walk like this ‘cause he can back it up.” Casanovas here are also masters in the art of flirtation, and can give a lesson or two in how to romance a woman with a flair that can only be described as theatrical. Add to that their dark, handsome Mediterranean sex appeal and you’ve got the makings of an archetypal female fantasy.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It may seem counterintuitive to see Dutch men on this list, given that Amsterdam is well-known for the women in their red-light district, but this city is an underrated gem when it comes to male eye candy. Many a female — and male — tourist has returned from their travels to the Netherlands awed not by its iconic tulips or windmills, but by the unexpected surprise of seeing so many statuesque, hot Dutch men. Their boyish, earthy good looks, and towering masculinity are made even more appealing as Dutch studs are said to lack ego or vanity. And they can plan a mean round of football too.

Sydney, Australia

G’day mate! Surfer bodies, twangy accents and megawatt smiles make Sydney a haven for beautiful blokes. In our final act of broad stroke stereotyping, we also can’t help but think of Aussie men as an inexhaustibly bubbly lot — nothing seems to faze them or rile them out of their laid back attitude. They’re not the brooding type. Doesn’t hurt that many an Aussie bloke comes with natural, sun-kissed good looks, and a chiseled surfer body. Think Curtis Stone, chef host of the TV show Take Home Chef: the dude is permasmile and hot to boot. Crikey.

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